Are You Ready to Hunt?

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Are You Ready to Hunt?

Tips on Hunting with Your Honda ATV

When you’re planning to use your ATV to hunt, there are some key factors to consider before you head out. For starters, you need to be sure that the ATV you’re using is suitable for hunting. More importantly, there are some essential accessories that every hunter should have with their ATV. In order to properly prepare for your ATV hunting trip, you should start by scouting the location in advance. Regardless of the activity, it’s crucial to keep yourself and passengers safe.

At Honda Parts Direct, we want to ensure our customers are fully prepared to hunt with their ATV, which is why we’ve put together this helpful guide. If you need to gear up or invest in some accessories before your next ride, visit our online store today!

Choose the Right ATV & Accessories

It’s important to make sure that your ATV is cut out for hunting. After all, there are several different ATV models and each is geared toward a specific use. Hunting covers a wide range of terrains so be sure that your ATV is highly adaptable as these models have more power and help you tackle slopes and muddy areas with ease. You’ll also want an ATV that is capable of towing and hauling cargo. You’ll definitely need a two-seater if you plan to have a passenger.

In addition to having the right ATV for hunting, there are also some essential accessories to consider. A winch is an accessory that all ATV riders should have, whether they plan to hunt or not. A winch comes in handy when you’re stuck in the mud or need to haul game. A gun and bow rack is another worthwhile accessory to consider so that you have quick access to your weapons if you need it. There are racks that come with built-in cushions and locks to keep your items secure. If you need additional storage, consider a front or rear rack cargo bag. If you have a rear cargo rack, a front rack cargo bag offers some extra storage space for any items you may need while you’re driving. You can keep the gun you use the most nearby with a gun boot mount. It’ll be kept safe until you need it, pointed at the ground and still easily accessible.

Scout the Location

You should make it a priority to scout your location before you ride out. The area you choose will vary depending on the game you seek. If you’re after bigger prey such as elk, deer, and moose, you’ll want a location with their favorite vegetation. You can also determine their movement by looking for deer paths and trails. A good location will feature some sort of perch area where the wind will blow toward you so that the prey don’t smell your scent and retreat. Fortunately, an ATV gives you the advantage of being able to scout several hunting spots across a wide terrain.

Proper Safety

Always remember to observe proper safety precautions when you’re hunting on your ATV. for example, you should be courteous to other hunters in the same areas as you. Don’t set up right beside someone else who’s already situated. You should give others plenty of space to hunt. You should also avoid firing your rifle near buildings or roads. Use common sense when you're operating an ATV, which includes being sober at all times. Of course, a key factor to remaining safe on your ATV is to wear the appropriate gear like a helmet, suit, boots, and gloves.

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